Custom Artwork Screen Printing

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Tess, jerseys, sweaters and coats are normal everyday wear for small dogs. Caps, hats, collars are also common clothing options. Boots or shoes can be added to convey a casual look some or to finish off a sporty look.

These are presented in different thicknesses so you’ll find something match the changing weather conditions. Some types of materials will simply knock off a chilly wind and others will keep the pet warm when it’s too cold for the thinnest materials but too warm for the fleece. This makes it possible for you to find Sweatshirts that can continue to keep your pet warm without making her too hot, causing dehydration.

Custom Hoodies Tanks – The perfect look for summer as well as more popular in the past before. Tank tops can be plain or printed that will also be customized for your specific cheerleading young team. For a a little color, try layering tanks in contrasting colors!

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Color complements, colors that set some other off, they complement each other. These are colors that opposite using a color take. Such as blue and orange.

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